Pear trees

Pear trees are nurtured for 3 years and come in four tree types:

  • V hedge
  • 2- or 3-headed
  • Free spindle
  • Sprint tree


Quality gradings are as follows:

  • AA
  • A+
  • A


All pear trees are available on rootstocks for quince C, quince Adams or quince Eline®. Individual requirements can be met, subject to timely ordering.


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Finesse Early Queen®

Finesse EarlyQueen® ripens approximately three weeks before any other Jonagold mutations and 1 to 2 weeks before Elstar and Conference. This is a bright red apple with a green background. Fruit will uniformly colour even in shaded areas of the tree. Due to the early colouring, maturity and harvest of the Finesse EarlyQueen® apple, it can be marketed and sold as a unique early apple to consumers.   Download brochure

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