Finesse – future-proof Jonagold mutant with excellent taste

From 2016, research takes place on the demo field of the research station Randwijk for Earlyqueen® Finesse. The mutant Finesse has been able to distinguish itself very clearly from other Jonagold mutants in recent years, due to their maturity approx. 3 weeks earlier. The coloring was again very good at Finesse so that the harvest took place at one time in 2020.

Productions in the early maturing mutants are at a lower level than in the other later maturing mutants. Finesse produces converted 60 tons/ha in the 4th growing year, compared to Robijn 50 tons/ha. Despite the lower yield, however, the fruits did not become too coarse, which can easily be the case with other Jonagold.

Interestingly, however, this moderate gestation leads to an excellent taste. In addition, this mutant shows a higher sugar content and is an excellent early apple variety when it is sold at the end of August. It will therefore become a point of attention to market this good-tasting mutant separately so that the better taste is an added value. Marketing under the name ‘Finesse’ is important here. Jonagold remains important with a big contribution to the total volume of apples sold.

Summary figures for 2020 (5th year of growth):
average flowering rate 7.0
% biennial bearing 0%
picking time September 1st, 2020
hardness 6.7 kg / cm2
starch 8.2
sugar 11.9 ° Brix
production 59.7 tonnes / ha
18 kg / tree
avg. fruit weight 226 grams

Source: Report Proeftuin Randwijk 3th March 2021


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