Our quality

Permanent quality control

We want the quality and vigour of our fruit trees to be outstanding. Regular contact with customers is the key element of our quality strategy. If we know the requirements of our customers, we can respond to them. This philosophy is rooted in the DNA of our business management.

 Vigour is the most striking feature of all the fruit trees and rootstocks produced by our business.

  • The selection of rootstock makes a difference, and many of our rootstocks originate from nursery beds carefully nurtured as part of our own business.
  • We start with high-grade and virus-free material, mostly sourced from Vermeerderingstuinen Nederland.
  • All our fruit trees and rootstocks are certified Best-in-class (Elite®) by Naktuinbouw.
  • Growing plants are nurtured on fertile virgin sea clay.
  • The fertigation system ensures that the fruit trees receive appropriate water and nutrition in a timely and uniform manner. This leads to better absorption of nutrients as well as more favourable growth development.
  • We employ both horizontal and vertical application of crop protection agents and foliar fertilisers (optimal crop coverage).
  • Apple trees are packed in nets to avoid breakage.
  • Accurate labelling, including barcodes on pallets, guarantees the traceability of fruit trees and rootstocks.
  • Research and investment in new varieties and mutations helps growers to achieve profitable fruit production.



After lifting, trees and rootstocks are stored in a cold-store with misting system. We take care of accurate packaging and transport of the trees to the growers. We also advise our growers how to store the trees till planting. As a result, the trees and rootstocks will have the perfect condition before planting.

Inspection internal and external

The plants are intensively tested throughout the growing stage. The major points of attention for our quality-control staff are: external diseases, varietal purity, vitality and well-balanced vigour. The Naktuinbouw inspector is responsible for all external testing. He checks all trees and rootstocks for interior and exterior quality. Any discrepancies are registered by both the inspector and our own quality-control staff, after which appropriate measures are taken. Tested trees are fitted with a Naktuinbouw authenticity hallmark during the harvesting and grading process.

Track & Trace

Since 2015 we have been able to guarantee the traceability of our rootstocks and trees. The plants can be traced through growing stage, storage, transport and delivery, and tracing includes access to information about the history of the production process. The main advantages of this are the monitoring of stock management, improved efficiency, better composition of batches, and cost savings due to automation.

Gala Magma®

Gala Magma® has an very early colouring and ripens one week earlier than Gala Must or similar mutations. The colour of Gala Magma® is even and intense bright and dark-red striped. Regarding to Gala Galaxy Selecta® and Gala Brookfield® the colouring of this mutant is better. Download brochure

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