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Roelofs tree nursery – fully dedicated to quality

Our tree nursery grows vigorous apple trees, pear trees and fruit-tree rootstocks for the fruit-growing industry at home and abroad. The majority of our plants are dispatched to growers in the Benelux, Germany, France, the UK, Scandinavia, Italy and Poland. The demand for fruit trees and rootstocks beyond the EU is also growing. Our rootstocks are partly used for the cultivation of our own fruit trees.

Family-owned business

Our family-owned business dates back to 1960, when Wim Roelofs learned how fruit trees  were grown at a fruit-growing business. In 1968, together with his wife Riet, he set up his own fruit-tree nursery in the Noordoostpolder. Our business has been situated in Zeewolde since 1983. The business comprises approximately 25  hectares of nursery beds, 12 hectares of 2-year old rootstocks, 70 hectares of apple trees and 45 of pear trees.

Our management team for cultivation and sales oversee a group of 20 permanent employees. These are mostly specialists in soil, cultivation, fertilizer application, fertigation, crop protection, quality selections of plants, cooling, logistics and sales. They work closely together to nurture vigorous and healthy varieties, assisted during the high season by about 70 seasonal workers.

Come and have a look

We highly appreciate it when customers come and have a look for themselves at the results of how their trees are growing; it also means we can take individual requirements into account during the cultivation and grading process.

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Gala Magma®

Gala Magma® has an very early colouring and ripens one week earlier than Gala Must or similar mutations. The colour of Gala Magma® is even and intense bright and dark-red striped. Regarding to Gala Galaxy Selecta® and Gala Brookfield® the colouring of this mutant is better. Download brochure

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