As soon as the plants are in the soil, they are irrigated appropriately, and irrigation installations are sited at multiple locations on our nurseries for this purpose. We have been operating the fertigation system to deliver an optimal balance of water and nutrients directly to the roots of the plants in our tree nurseries since 2012.

Fertigation provides many benefits:

  • The plants remain dry above ground, reducing the risk of infection from fungal diseases.
  • Water and nutrients are applied site-specifically to the rooting zone of the tree.
  • The volume of water and nutrients is better adjusted to the needs of the individual plant.
  • More efficient use of water and nutrients.
  • Vigorous, and therefore healthy, trees
    • uniform growth development and hardening off
    • adequate length-wise growth of leaders and side shoots
    • adequate thickness of trunks and side shoots.

Finesse Early Queen®

Finesse EarlyQueen® ripens approximately three weeks before any other Jonagold mutations and 1 to 2 weeks before Elstar and Conference. This is a bright red apple with a green background. Fruit will uniformly colour even in shaded areas of the tree. Due to the early colouring, maturity and harvest of the Finesse EarlyQueen® apple, it can be marketed and sold as a unique early apple to consumers.   Download brochure

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