Track and Trace

Since 2015 we have been able to guarantee the traceability of our rootstocks and trees. The plants can be traced throughgrowing stage, storage, transport and delivery, and tracing includes access to information about the history of the production process. The main advantages of this are the monitoring of stock management, improved efficiency, better composition of batches, and cost savings due to automation.

Grading and packaging of trees

The trees are taken indoors and separated into different quality grades by means of grading conveyors. They are then fed through a netting machine in bundles. Netting the trees eliminates any undue breakage of branches. Every pallet is followed by means of track & trace to the coldstore, and ultimately to the customer’s premises.

Grading of rootstocks

Rootstocks can be graded with an accuracy of 0.1 millimetre thanks to the optical cameras fitted to the grading equipment.


Gala Magma®

Gala Magma® has an very early colouring and ripens one week earlier than Gala Must or similar mutations. The colour of Gala Magma® is even and intense bright and dark-red striped. Regarding to Gala Galaxy Selecta® and Gala Brookfield® the colouring of this mutant is better. Download brochure

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