Nurturing rootstocks

The fertile and vigorous sea clay of southern Flevoland is characterised by an excellent soil structure. Combined with its location in an optimal climatological zone, this constitutes a perfect medium for the cultivation of truly superior rootstocks; this means rootstocks with optimal growth in thickness and length and excellent root formation.

For the production of our rootstocks we use Naktuinbouw-certified basic material sourced from Vermeerderingstuinen Nederland, among others. This is the highest standard for the propagation of rootstocks.

Peat and sawdust are liberally applied to our nursery beds every year. Professionals then ensure that this organic material is meticulously and site-specifically worked in around the base of the rootstocks, using specially designed equipment. This triggers the start of rooting and ensures the development of vigorous rootstocks with a strong root system. We have the capacity to irrigate both the beds and entire fields in the nursery during growing season. The nursery beds are checked regularly throughout the growing season and tested by an inspector from Naktuinbouw.

Gala Magma®

Gala Magma® has an very early colouring and ripens one week earlier than Gala Must or similar mutations. The colour of Gala Magma® is even and intense bright and dark-red striped. Regarding to Gala Galaxy Selecta® and Gala Brookfield® the colouring of this mutant is better. Download brochure

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