Storage, packaging and transport


After lifting, fruit trees and rootstocks are stored on pallets, ready for delivery in the autumn. Growers who prefer to have their trees delivered in spring can take advantage of our storage facility with its specially designed cold rooms, for which graduated rates apply. A misting installation in the cold room ensures optimal humidity. Both the condition of the plants and the storage climate are monitored on a daily basis.


Great attention is paid to the packaging of our fruit trees and rootstocks, with the aim of avoiding dehydration and the breakage of branches and roots. Ideally, fruit trees are stored on galvanised pallets stacked in bundles of five or ten trees, without exerting undue pressure on the pallets. A net over the bundles of apple trees avoids breakage of branches and roots.

Rootstocks destined for remote locations are stacked on special pallets which are totally sealed in foil before transportation.


The fruit trees and rootstocks are transferred to a closed lorry for transport in moist conditions straight from cold storage, provided that the outside temperature is at least 1⁰ Celsius. Breakage of branches is avoided by side-loading the plants into a special curtain-sided lorry, which reduces contact between the pallets and with the walls to a minimum.

Finesse Early Queen®

Finesse EarlyQueen® ripens approximately three weeks before any other Jonagold mutations and 1 to 2 weeks before Elstar and Conference. This is a bright red apple with a green background. Fruit will uniformly colour even in shaded areas of the tree. Due to the early colouring, maturity and harvest of the Finesse EarlyQueen® apple, it can be marketed and sold as a unique early apple to consumers.   Download brochure

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