Other apple varieties


  • Boskoop Welbo®
  • Boskoop Quast*



  • Elstar Bougie®
  • Elstar Elshof®
  • Elstar Excellent Star®
  • Elstar van der Grift®
  • Elstar PCP®
  • Elstar Elrosa®







  • Braeburn Maririred®
  • Bramley’s Seedling
  • Cox’s La Vera®
  • Delcorf Diana®
  • Discovery
  • Fuji Beni Shogun®
  • Golden Delicious Kloon B
  • Golden Delicious Reinders®
  • Granny Smith GS 66 (DOSK)
  • Rode olsteiner Cox’s Ehlers®
  • Idared
  • Ingrid Marie
  • Junami®
  • Katja
  • Maribelle®
  • Pinova®
  • Red Aroma Fagravoll en Amorosa®
  • Red Windsor®
  • Rode Gravensteiner
  • Rubinette Rosso ®
  • Santana®
  • Sampion
  • Spartan
  • Red Topaz®
  • Wellant®


Finesse Early Queen®

Finesse EarlyQueen® ripens approximately three weeks before any other Jonagold mutations and 1 to 2 weeks before Elstar and Conference. This is a bright red apple with a green background. Fruit will uniformly colour even in shaded areas of the tree. Due to the early colouring, maturity and harvest of the Finesse EarlyQueen® apple, it can be marketed and sold as a unique early apple to consumers.   Download brochure

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